Apart from being a well known retailer, we are also known for our distribution network. The network encompasses around 1000 dealers covering across Goa. The network encompasses dealers from the range of hardware, electrical, plumbing, paints and cement. Our routes spread from the north to the south, covering every possible area of Goa.

This has been possible only after exploring several methods of delivery within our distribution system. We always strive to better our system in a practical and feasible way to provide the best service possible.

Our motto for doing business with dealers is ‘Dukan aapka Godown humara’. Through flawless service we strive to minimize inventory and maximize turnover for our dealers. Warehousing more than 15000 SKU’s across approximately 29 brands, we stand by the claim of providing unbeatable service for our dealers.

With a team of 25 on the front line of our distribution channel, we have been able to deliver and maintain fruitful relations with our dealers across Goa since 1998.

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